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The St John Ambulance WA Community First Responder program creates a direct link between St John Ambulance WA, the triple zero (000) call centre, local communities and organisations. This direct link enables individuals to provide immediate assistance to cardiac arrest victims in that time critical period before an ambulance arrives – when it matters most.

Contrary to popular belief, sudden cardiac arrest can strike any person regardless of age, gender or health status and approximately 33,000 Australians die every year from this condition. The single key contributing factor to improving survival rates of sudden cardiac arrest is the time taken to administer early CPR and defibrillation. Where CPR and defibrillation are administered within five minutes of an event, studies have shown dramatic improvements in survival rates.

How Community First Responder works

In the event of a sudden cardiac arrest, the flow of events is:
  1. A person suffers a sudden cardiac arrest
  2. Bystanders call triple zero (000)
  3. An ambulance is dispatched
  4. The first responder is called by the St John Ambulance triple zero (000) call centre and deployed
  5. The first responder carries out CPR and applies the AED if necessary
  6. An ambulance arrives and paramedics take over the care of the patient

Benefits of Community First Responder

The benefits of adopting the Community First Responder system in your organisation or community include:  

  • The knowledge that you will be playing a key role in helping to save lives in your local community or workplace.
  • Peace of mind that a well coordinated response plan to medical emergencies is in place.
  • Being informed of incidents of cardiac arrest as they are happening. 
  • A direct communication link between your organisation and St John Ambulance. 
  • Ongoing support and customer service.
  • An easy to implement plan that is already working well in Western Australian communities and organisations.

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